We Initiative is the blog of BLC Bank that inspires women empowerment. We created an exclusive blog that offers challenge, guidance, and opportunities for women.  It is a space that represents successful women in our society.

The Content


BLC Bank wanted to target women in Lebanon and become an advocate for women empowerment. Making up approximately 52% of the Lebanese population between the ages of 15 and 64, women in Lebanon have been largely neglected in marketing efforts across most industries, particularly the banking and financial services sector.


Upon conducting a comprehensive audit and assessment of BLC Bank's digital presence, it was obvious that an online community dedicated to women was necessary.

Hence WE Initiative was born, a community blog dedicated to the empowerment of women. This positioned We initiative as the first initiative of its kind on a local and regional scale.  By having its own indepenent identity separate from BLC Bank, WE initiative became a reference for all women, whether BLC Bank clients or not, and whether Lebanese or not.

Articles, news stories, and group discussions on We initiative cover subjects that women of all socio-demographic standing can relate to: lifestyle, childcare, personal finance, career advice, events around town and seminars to empower women to reach financial independence..


To date, WE has over 5000 women in their community, over half of which was acquired through Social AIM services

Articles submitted by users, as well as community discussions, have played a pivotal role iin the success of the We iniative.  Engagement on the We initiative blog exceeded the client's expectations.  The blog has been featured several times on local news as well as local and regional blogs.

Due to the highly successful initiative, Social AIM is commissioned by BLC Bank to manage and create Brand Content for the WE Initiative platform.

The Blog

Proximity Agency conceptualized, designed and produced We Initiative blog. The many features were specifically designed to meet the bank's strategy, branding and positioning.

The concept focuses on optimizing the user experience and information structure. With its modern design, the blog helps the brand stand out from competitors.

Proximity Agency used WordPress to build the blog. An SEO strategy has been implemented along with a content strategy. In addition, an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) was created to support the website frequent update

Project scope:

  • Creation of the concept
  • Content Strategy & Production
  • Blog design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy
  • Blog programing using WordPress
  • Blog Hosting & Maintenance