Marie Sixtine

The E-Shop

In the framework of Marie Sixtine E-Shop revamping, Proximity Agency handled the brand’s digital strategy, the Data Analysis, designed the online E-Shop, enhance the customer experience and built the E-Shop.

Proximity Agency provided a full roadmap that included:

  • The brand digital strategy
  • The Data Analysis
  • The E-Shop Concept
  • The E-Shop design & Implementation
  • The E-Shop maintenance


We had a number of goals in minds when designing the new site; attracting targeted traffic, generating leads, promoting Marie Sixtine E-Shop and increasing online sales. At the same time, we aimed to optimize the handling efficiency, improve the user’s experience and enhance customer communications.

As always, Proximity Agency started with a systematic strategy phase, developing ERS (Ecommerce Requirement Specifications), an essential element in Proximity Agency's methodology.

During this first stage, the brand and its customers’ target were examined. Based on the results, Proximity Agency created the E-Shop wireframes to lead into the design phase.

The clear new design matches the brand to perfection, ensuring the user an easy and efficient experience. Proximity agency used SEO best practices to guarantee maximum search engine visibility.

With its bright, new E-Shop catering to new and existing customers, Marie Sixtine aims to upgrade its clients’ bobo shopping experience

The E-Shop includes over 1500 items, each easy to find by category, Size or specification. The home page always features the newest products as well as special promotions.