In 2011, The International Finance Corporation (a World Bank Institution), and the Islamic Development Bank co-published a report entitled Education for Employment, E4E,: Realizing Arab Youth Potential. This report lays out the challenges and presents some solutions that aim to address the root causes of the educational shortcomings and lack of job opportunities that prevail among the youth in the MENA region.

The Blog

The Challenge

  • The purpose of this assignment is to contribute to an effective E4E brand and outreach strategy upon which E4E will build for the next three to five years.
  • Develop, design, test and deliver the new E4E Arab Youth Blog including website applications and components, in accordance to the established IFC guidelines.
  • Create a platform that integrates multimedia products, social media platforms, discussion forums, and a user-friendly administrator interface.
  • Provide training to IFC staff in both the administrator interface and for select staff on how to use the CMS and carry out regular content updates.


Our Approach

  • We created a multimedia rich layout, with active flash elements to help feature the articles being written for the site.
  • Constant contact with the IFC was essential to adhere to their strict guidelines, so we established regular meeting times and a high level of cooperation.
  • We integrated the Proximity Agency Content Management System, and followed up with a training session on how to update and change the elements of the website.
  • Polls were integrated to aggregate feedback from site users, as well as forums and comment sections to ensure the group could adequately express their own opinions and problems.
  • Facebook and Twitter are heavily featured in the site in order to further connect with the audience, increase the general awareness of the project and incorporate the social sphere into the Arab Youth initiative.


The Results

  • The creation of an active social media platform on both Twitter and Facebook with over 2,000 likes in the first month on Facebook.
  • An increase in user participation and amount of feedback regarding the Initiative through elements incorporated into the site.
  • A Hub for the information associated with the work the Islamic Development Bank, the Swiss Department of Economic affairs, UK Aid and the IFC regarding the Arab Youth Initiative and E4E.
  • The site has improved the online persona and public awareness of the E4E project, as well as all associated organizations.