Dunkin' Donuts Lebanon was the first to introduce donuts and filtered coffee to the Lebanese society.

The challenge

Proximity Agency was contracted to re-design their Facebook page and to set a digital plan for the launching of the new website:

  • Online brand building strategy (Facebook page optimization, campaign strategy, website optimization)
  • Define a content strategy (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube based on multimedia content)
  • Online Marketing campaign for launching of the new website and promoting Dunkin’ Donuts Lebanon new online identity


Our approach

Proximity Agency marketers, strategists and content creators focused on what they saw as the brand’s most intriguing facets in order to attract attention to the website and more guests to the coffee shops as a whole.

Proximity Agency approach included:

  • re-thinking the company’s Facebook page and popularizing it to users that share interests similar to the services offered by the coffee shop
  • Highlighting regular events hosted by the coffee shop (Oceana's summer event)
  • Showcasing the coffee shop’s amenities that make it stand out from other coffee shop in the city
  • Creative concept, design and artwork (digital campaign)
  • Digital media plan and creative ads displayed on Facebook and local media


The results

Though Dunkin' Donuts is a new account for Social Aim, there have been vital improvements throughout their Facebook page and online presence.

Results already seen as a result of the campaign include:

  • Increase awareness and visibility around Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Increases in both likes and user activity on Dunkin' Donuts Facebook pages
  • A stronger online presence of the coffee shop as a whole allowing more information to be readily available online
  • Professional and appealing pages through high quality photographs and posts
  • A coffee shop that appears more personal to potential and current clientele