Dunes Centre is a modern mall in Abuja (Nigeria) was opened for business in July 2004. It is home to a variety of services, gifts shops to high-end boutiques, a supermarket and pastry shop and several restaurants. It has continued to be the benchmark for unique products and services, attracting a daily throng of clientele, who come to savor an array of the exclusive products and services they offer.

The Corporate Website

Dunes Centre website was created to present Luxury products, mall services and offers, restaurant highlights, etc. We designed a digital showroom for communication, products that are presented in an organized and arranged layout.

Proximity Agency used PHP/MySQL to build the website. An SEO strategy has been implemented along with a content strategy. In addition, an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) was created to support the website frequent update.


Proximity Agency provided the full idea, the project's scope is:


  • Creation of the concept
  • Website design
  • Website implementation Using PHP/MySQL
  • Website maintenance
  • Website link with E-Store (E-Commerce Website)



The E-Shop

Dedicated E-Store for Luxury brands for Nigeria's market

Need to buy a luxury product? Check out duneseshopping.com. The well-known E-Store by Dunes Center, Ajuba's favorite mall features a number of international brands, including, Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Yves Delorme, LSA, Joseph Joseph....

While Dunes Center is a well-known name throughout Nigeria, the company had no dedicated ecommerce site. Proximity Agency handled the brand’s digital strategy, the market research, designed the online store idea, built the e-shop and handled the communication plan.

Dunes Center has been selling its brands for a long time in its store. While brand awareness was widespread and sales were going well, the company felt that it was time to have its own e-store and asked Proximity Agency to build it.

Proximity Agency, provided a full solution that included:

  • The brand digital strategy
  • The market research
  • The E-Store Concept
  • The E-Store design & Implementation
  • The SEO/SEM Strategy
  • The E-CRM solution to collect relevant customer data to personalize product offerings
  • The communication strategy pre and post launching

As always, Proximity Agency started with a systematic strategy phase, developing ERS (Ecommerce Requirement Specifications), an essential element in Proximity Agency's methodology.

During this first stage, the brand and its customers were examined. Based on the results, Proximity Agency created website wireframes to lead into the design phase.

The clear new design matches the brand to perfection, ensuring the user an easy and efficient experience. Proximity agency used SEO best practices to guarantee maximum search engine visibility.

The E-store includes over 6000 items, each easy to find by category, brand or specification. The home page always features the newest products as well as special promotions.

The Social Media

Proximity Agency has been involved to implement a digital platform: Starting by providing with a fully functional and interactive websiteas well as a social media strategy and Facebook Engagement, through Brand Content, social media community management and Facebook ads.

Our approach

As for every client a unique Social Media strategy was developed to fit their needs, where Proximity Agency Digital Strategists, Creative and Brand Content Consultants work together to provide high quality content that will work to promote their business.

The Proximity Agency approach included:

  • Defining a Social Media and content strategy
  • Animating Dunes Center Facebook page and popularizing it to users that share interests similar to the services offered by the Center
  • Performing Facebook ads to recruit affinity fans

The results

Results already seen as a result of the campaign include:

  • A stronger online presence of the Center as a whole allowing more information to be readily available online
  • Dramatic increases in the number of affinity fans
  • Professional and appealing pages through high quality photographs, posts and brand content