BLC Bank, as most of its competitors, had to face an increasingly strong competition given the general context of “online banking shopping” and clients’ volatility.
In this context, the Bank decided to arm itself with the means to modernize its digital policy and management both on its “strategic” component level by answering questions like: “which product and service shall be suggested to a particular client and through which channel” with a maximum likelihood of acquisition and on its “operational” component level by efficiently and harmoniously coordinating the set of channels used in the interaction with the client.

The Corporate Website


BLC Bank’s website was largely product-based and information sharing was essentially a one-way communication repeating what the brochures offered. Proximity Agency overhauled the BLC Bank website from its roots, changed it to a customer-centric, highly engaging communication vehicle to and from the customer.


  • Product images on landing page were replaced with businessmen and women in a social setting.
  • Introduced an online feedback form to encourage communication from customer.  Feedback forms were later introduced offline in all branches.
  • Emphasized the feedback form as a pop-up when page loads.
  • Navigation panel on website changed from product listing to useful info for customers (annual report, financial news, publications, socially responsible initiatives etc.).
  • Renamed product categories on the website according to age and gender (as opposed to type of banking/loan).
  • Created a community section on BLC Bank’s website to invite suggestions from current customers.
  • Tagline “if I were a banker…” encouraged openness and catered to customer’s sense of belonging and empowerment.


The overlying objective of becoming a customer-centric website was met and surpassed by the above initiatives implemented by Proximity Agency. Furthermore, gender and age segmentation exceeded expectations in terms of brand awareness.

The Campaign’s Microsite

In the framework of BLC Bank retail products campaigns strategy, the Microsite aimed to provide support for prospects and consumers in term of information and products simulation. In order to use the microsite, users must login-In. Users' basic information and navigation are added to an E-CRM database to accumulate data to be used in later campaigns.

The Challenge

  • Launching a suitable campaign to promote the bank retail products (home loan, car loan, etc.) and generate an e-CRM database; leads generated form web navigation
  • Placing the campaign on medias and sites that will reach out to our targeted audience successfully
  • Productively achieving our targeted participants and generating interaction between the bank and prospects/clients
  • Building the bank first prospects e-database

Our Approach

  • We launched a promotional campaign, focused on a microsite that allows users to simulate their loans by using dedicated calculators and simulators
  • The purpose of this microsite is to allow users to quickly and easily get an idea about the outcome, modify the data (loan amount, duration, etc.) and be able to store the information in the system for later simulations
  • We structured a series of campaigns driving people to apply. This campaign brought many prospects that applied and kept their data in the system, which led to the generation of an E-ECRM database
  • Visuals that link to the campaign landing page were released through Google ads, Facebook ads, online portals, and social media posts

Results already seen as a result of the campaign include:

  • Increases in both likes and user activity on BLC Bank Facebook page
  • A stronger online presence of BLC Bank simulator as a whole allowing more information to be readily available online
  • Professional and appealing pages through high quality posts
  • An E-CRM database generated (potential clients)
  • A Microsite that appears more personal to potential and current clientele