A Saudi fashion designer, Ashi Studio is becoming more and more famous not only in the Gulf countries, but also all around the world, with celebrities wearing his creations, and international fashion magazines talking about his collections. However, he still considers himself as an “underground” fashion designer and feels the need to get more visibility through a smart and progressive process.


Dark Lilies – The Blog

We suggested launching a blog, where we would publish highly sharable content, dedicated to luxury from a cultural perspective. Telling luxury stories to the public would help build Ashi Studio’s identity as a big player in the luxury industry.

When we discussed the launching of the blog, Ashi decided not to talk about his creations on this media. We would only talk about the luxury experiences that inspire him on a daily basis, and which he wants to share with his readers.

This led us to create extremely rich content, with multimedia articles featuring videos and photos, with a high added value in terms of shared information.

The blog is entitled Dark Lilies. It features an advertisement for Ashi Studio, linking to the corporate website, where the readers can discover the collections and get in touch with Ashi Studio's sales team.

The App

Ashi Studio wanted to develop an iPad application to present its Haute Couture & Prêt à Porter collection. We designed the user interface in addition to the full development of the application for iPad, which functioned in the following way: A friendly user interface to update/Add the collections photo albums along with description & A re-generating function to update the application on the iPad.