Big Data Analysis an Efficient Tool of Marketing

DI-FI Staff

DI-FI Lab researchers

Big data is a relatively new term in the world of marketing.  It is acquiring special importance to enterprises seeking to benefit from a better management of their existing data infrastructure, data storage means, and digital information resources.

Structured and unstructured data continue to play a vital role; and with the volume of data that is constantly growing, the traditional methods of storage are no longer able to manage the volume and speed of data.

There are estimates that 90% of all digital information generated is unstructured, as the information generated and information coming from sources such as television broadcasting, social media websites and videos, audio information, emails, texts, etc. forms a very rich source that give us insight about diverse emotions, tendencies, trends, visions, and risks.

Big data provides tremendous opportunities for enterprises to benefit from their data; by equipping them with the appropriate solutions and tools to analyze the large volumes of data and uncover the hidden patterns.

The ability to understand various data gives you a 360-degree vision of vital intelligence  needed to make efficient choices guiding behavior, and enables you to work faster.

The ability to tame and extract value from all forms of data in real time information, allows you to improve your efficiency, reduce risks, increase revenue opportunities, and reduce costs. The system of large data analysis removes redundant data that covers quite a lot of digital content and provides you with the relevant necessary data.

Companies can extract key concepts and main context information, and increase the value of data by discovering relationships, trends and issues at their inception and development enabling them to solve a wide range of challenges and problems.