Launching of the DI-FI Lab

DI-FI Staff

DI-FI Lab researchers

In a new and vibrant industry like digital marketing, advancements are made every day in the means of both technological development and strategy. With limitless potential to increase your knowledge on the industry, research and education is critical.

In order to maintain and progress the image of an industry leader, NELCOM Digital has created the DI-FI Lab, with two dedicated research personnel already integrated into the project. These two full time researchers are the beginning of a new and expanding department that will ensure we continue to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing, UX design, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, application development, etc.

In addition to expanding our own knowledge, we believe that more work on studying the digital sector through an incubator style atmosphere, can help foster innovation in the industry and more particularly in Paris and the Middle East.

The work of DI-FI researchers will be regularly published on the blog, which will cover information surrounding Big Data, digital marketing, Augmented Reality among other topics. Content will be regularly updated with the purpose of educating our audience about the latest trends, fostering discussion about current digital practices as well as informing our readers about technological developments affecting the industry.

The name of the lab is short for Digital Fidelity, demonstrating our company’s goal of increasing the connectivity between people, brands and organization with the digital world. Through utilizing the tools of the digital age, we believe that it is possible to increase productivity, economic growth and the standard of living worldwide.

With developments in such a new and dynamic sector happening on a daily basis, understanding these changes and how to utilize them to our advantage is integral for our company to continue developing innovative solutions to meet the goals of our clients.